Ms. Reph oversees Business Development in the Client Data Solutions division of Bloomberg LP. In her 16 years at Bloomberg she has been responsible for cultivating talent and developing businesses that generated more than $400 million in annual revenue. Her experience spans a broad spectrum of clients in North and South America and include longstanding relationships with the Hedge Fund, Banking and Investment Management community. She derives great satisfaction in knowing that she has had a great impact on the talent she has cultivated and the business relationships that she continues to nourish. “If I can’t help, I won’t waste your time—but as a person who likes to connect people, if you have a need, I may be able to point you in the right direction.” Prior to joining Bloomberg LP, Susan was a Sales Manager at MetLife, owned an Aromatherapy firm, and spent several years working in the mortgage-backed new issue divisions of Salomon Brothers and Lehman Brothers. She holds a BS degree in Finance. Fun facts: Susan was a flight attendant for a brief time, lived in the Caribbean for a year and back packed around the world for 14 months.