NYAIR Episode 28 – Marketing Best Practices for Emerging Managers

Surrounded by the challenges of compliance with changing regulations and changing investor preferences, together with evolving technologies, marketing to the alternative investment industry can be somewhat of a guessing game for fund managers. What works for large or established managers won’t necessarily work for emerging managers, leaving firms scrambling to figure out the best ways to communicate effectively and develop long-term investor relationships built from trust. Despite the need for differing approaches, there are some things that all alternative investment firms should keep in mind when marketing their products to investors.

Holly Singer, the president and founder of HS Marketing, will discuss some of the best practices that the alternative investment industry, particularly emerging managers, should adhere to when marketing their products and services.

Ms. Singer has spent more than two decades dedicated to helping investment managers and service providers enhance their branding and communications skills. She is a member of the board of The Hedge Fund Association, is a frequent speaker at industry events and has written multiple articles for various industry publications.

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