Family Office Webinar Series: Inside Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence software is likely to be the most disruptive force in technology in the coming decade, and companies that embrace AI may get a competitive edge while those that don’t risk extinction.

Understanding the trends, where opportunities lie and identifying the companies exposed to those opportunities will be key to navigating this investment landscape.

Please join us on December 19th for an exclusive family office webinar. This moderated discussion will draw from the experience of two ‘boots on the ground’ AI founders and Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Internet & Consumer Electronics Analyst.

Discussion Topics:
  • Beneficiaries of this disruptive technology
  • Market size and workforce implications
  • Positive financial implications for adopting companies
  • Where are the opportunities and what is being missed?
Featured Speakers:

Praful Krishna 
CEO, Coseer
Chris Nicholson 
CEO, Skymind
Jitendra Waral
Senior Analyst – Technology, Bloomberg Intelligence, Bloomberg L.P.
Lee O’Dwyer 
CFA, Equity Application Specialist, Bloomberg L.P.
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