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Trump, the Republicans & Geopolitics

03/28/2017 @ 12:00 - 13:00

This call will review the disruptive political, social, economic, and technological forces that are shaping the global business and investment environment and upending long-held assumptions about trade and investment, talent, supply chains, security,  and innovation.  We will especially focus on how the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress are both driving and responding to these forces and what the impact could be on the business and investment communities.

The call’s featured speaker will be Demothenes James (“DJ”) Peterson, PhD, President and founder of Longview Global Advisors. Longview assists business leaders and investors in understanding the economic, political and social trends that impact their interests. Previously, he worked with the RAND Corporation and the Eurasia Group. The conversation will be moderated by Robert Akeson, COO, of Mirae Asset Securities (USA).

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