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Philanthropy 2019 – Changes, Ideas & Opportunities

12/05/2018 @ 17:30 - 20:00

Giving back, giving forward and giving of yourself are personal drivers for you and your organization. During this event a panel of speakers will discuss the changing nature of giving in the wake of the new tax landscape and will share their own experiences with everything from mentoring and education projects, to strategies for getting onto non-profit boards. Attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences as well.

Topics & Speakers:

Changes: Randi Schuster, the principal in charge of Baker Tilly Virchow Krause’s Trust & Estate Group, will discuss new rules affecting taxes, giving and nonprofits.

Ideas: Elven Riley, a professor of business at Seton Hall University, will discuss the formal partnership between Seton Hall University Business School and Essex Community College, which allows finance majors at the latter to complete the last two years of their degrees at Seton Hall. Why zip codes do not determine IQs, but do determine economic and educational outcomes.

Ideas: Tamara Laville, CEO of Alchemy Global Advisors, will talk about her role as a mentor with Wall Street Financial and Scholastic Training (FAST Track), which connects mentors with talented women and minority high school students. She will be accompanied by two students from FAST Track who will share about their experiences with the program.

Opportunities:  Alvarez Symonette, Chief of Staff for international luxury bakery Lady M Confections, will discuss philanthropic opportunities from a variety of lenses including current business operator, family office investment team member at Continental Grain Co., Foundation Board Member at the North Star Fund, and Founding Chairman of the South Bronx Community Charter High School.

Moderator: Peter Suhr, president of Strategy And Distribution and the Harlem Empowerment Project, will discuss the distinctions between supporting a nonprofit as a board member, junior board member, an advisor council or a program committee member, and the rationale for each approach.

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