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August Monthly Call: “Avoid Being a Victim of a Mass Shooting: How Employees and Companies Can Best Prepare Themselves”

08/14/2018 @ 12:00 - 13:00

Mass shootings are becoming increasingly familiar to our culture and employees and businesses are no exception to this target. While this is a highly timely issue, what many employers may not fully appreciate is that they are required by OSHA to protect all employees from such harm. With over 25 mass shootings already occurring in the U.S. this year, this is a topic that everyone should be aware of combating.

Nick Mistry, CEO of Active Victim, will discuss a very timely and important issue in today’s America. Active Victim is a company focused on training employees of companies that may be the target of mass shootings. The training, which is conducted by former military/martial arts professionals, is geared towards providing subjects with the wherewithal to avoid/disarm assailants.

Mr. Mistry is the Chairman of the Board at “Mistry’s” family office and President of The Dreamworks Media Company. He has been interviewed at NASDAQ, negotiated with nations and national leaders of nations, and led multi billion-dollar sovereign wealth funds. At age 26, Nick was awarded as a National development Jewel of India, with a Gold medal and a Golden Trophy. He is the only Asian and the only Indian in history since 1908 to receive a scholarship at the American Concrete Institute.

Most recently, Nick finished his executive education in the field of Artificial Intelligence: Business strategy from MIT Sloan School of Management.

The call will be moderated by Robert Akeson, COO of Mirae Asset Securities (USA).

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