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Alternative Investment Industry Foresees Lower Fee Model & Contraction of Hedge Fund Firms Over Next Few Years

January, 2017: Given the hedge fund industry’s lackluster performance in 2016 and the significant amount of hedge fund firms that closed their doors, many institutional investors have been revisiting their allocations to hedge funds. As many investors question whether actively managed investments are worth the management costs associated with them, there has been some rejiggering…

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Alternative Investment Industry Weighs in on Merits and Potential Risks of Operational Alpha

November, 2016 – From the costs of complying with heightened regulations, to the lingering low interest rate environment, hedge funds and private equity funds have found it increasingly difficult to generate strong returns for investors. As a result, the alternative investment community has turned its attention to operational alpha –the use of an integrated front-to-back-end…

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Alternative Investment Industry Weighs in on ESG Quant Investing

October, 2016 – There is no way to ignore the rising importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. From global warming to the unethical treatment of overseas factory workers, ESG issues have begun dominating headlines, as the ramifications of ignoring them have become increasingly clear –a reality driven home by the nosedive Volkswagen’s stock price…

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Alternative Investment Industry Weighs in on Presidential Election

August, 2016 – The U.S. presidential race has already dominated the news for well over a year and will undoubtedly continue to do so long after the final votes are cast on November 8th. Beyond predicting who will triumph, Wall Street, along with much of the world, is focused on what the winner’s presidency will…

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Hedge Fund Industry Embraces Merits of Sustainability Reporting

May, 2016 – Sustainability reporting is rapidly moving from a niche issue focused on by a handful of companies to one of global importance. Amidst growing worldwide concerns about the environmental, social and governance impact that businesses contend with internally and the impact their activities have on their stakeholders, institutional investors are putting greater emphasis…

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