NYAIR Episode 32 – How Alternative Data is Changing Discretionary Investment

Alternative data, or “big data,” refers to massive quantities of complex, and often obscure, information about individual companies or industries that is analyzed by computer programs. As the alternative investment community has begun to embrace alternative data as part of its investment approach, it is important to understand some of the ways this new type…

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NYAIR Episode 30 – A Billionaire’s Ambition with Author Chris McNickle

Author of Bloomberg: A Billionaire’s Ambition, Chris McNickle, will discuss the bipartisan legacy of a remarkable billionaire politician and how a successful entrepreneur was elected mayor of New York City and what he did with the power he won. While his time in office was not without controversy, Bloomberg has made vast improvements and changes in the…

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NYAIR Episode 28 – Marketing Best Practices for Emerging Managers

Surrounded by the challenges of compliance with changing regulations and changing investor preferences, together with evolving technologies, marketing to the alternative investment industry can be somewhat of a guessing game for fund managers. What works for large or established managers won’t necessarily work for emerging managers, leaving firms scrambling to figure out the best ways to communicate effectively and develop long-term investor relationships built from…

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NYAIR Episode 27 – From Cybersecurity, to Artificial Intelligence –The Impact of Technology

Episode#27 of the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable’s podcast series features a panel of technology experts that discusses the rapidly changing ways that the alternative investment community does business and what they should be aware of –from regulatory and compliance considerations; to cybersecurity; big data; cloud computing and storage; artificial intelligence; machine learning; distributed ledger and…

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NYAIR Episode 25 – Cybersecurity: What the Buyside Needs to Know

With hackers and cybercrime becoming ever more sophisticated, cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue for the alternative investment industry. Learn about some of the issues regarding cybercrime that are specific to the alternative investment industry and, in particular, the buy-side from an expert on the topic. Russell Sommers, a Senior Manager with Baker Tilly…

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