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NY hedge fund body thinks quant funds best fundamental investing

Quantitative investing has been experiencing a resurgence of interest among investors in alternative investments -fueled by big data, ever-more sophisticated algorithms and increasingly efficient technologies. Given investors’ interest in quantitative investment funds, the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable recently looked at how the alternative investment community views the strategy compared to the way it looks…

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Is Cannabis the New “Alternative” Alternative Investment?

The New York Hedge Found Roundtable, made up of professional investors who generally focus on “alternative investments,” the other day said its members believe investing in cannabis companies is “appealing.” The normal alternative investments one thinks of, derivative securities, hedge and private equity funds and managed futures, tend to be reserved for rich people, institutions…

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GOP, Trump Taxes Ding Texas, Boost Rich Investors

Gop - GOP, Trump Taxes Ding Texas, Boost Rich Investors

The Trump Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress could bring about major changes in tax law and, if passed, Texas would be the state most affected by the proposed border tax, according to Vadim Blikshteyn, financial service senior tax manager with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause. Read More

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MAPs offer springboard for emerging managers

Front Office 818x1024 - MAPs offer springboard for emerging managers

Managed account platforms allow institutions to broaden out their hedge fund allocations and invest in emerging managers with confidence, thanks to the strong operational controls they provide. At a time when some of the larger established names have suffered performance issues, diversifying into a wider mix of unknown managers is becoming of strategic import to…

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Investing’s Crowded Conscience

One of the world’s most famous hedge fund managers is the latest to throw his hat into the ring of socially responsible investing. Paul Tudor Jones, the founder of Tudor Investment Corp., is backing a nonprofit organization called JUST Capital. He said the group has created what it calls America’s Most Just Index of 32 companies based on how they…

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