Women Making Inroads In Male-Dominated Alt Investments Industry

Loretta McCarthy became a founding member of the venture capital fund Golden Seeds in 2005 after working as chief marketing officer at Oppenheimer Funds for 10 years. “At the time, women were not participating in capital formation at all,” said McCarthy, who is a managing partner at Golden Seeds, which finances women-led businesses. Today, McCarthy…

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New York Alternative Investment Roundtable announces partnership with BNY Mellon

Opalesque Industry Update – The New York Alternative Investment Roundtable is pleased to announce BNY Mellon as its newest sponsor. BNY Mellon’s Alternative Investment Services group provides a comprehensive range of support services for all aspects of the alternative investment industry, with specific offerings for private equity funds, hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, real…

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Rich Clients Uneasy About How Tax Law Impacts Them

Tax reform has turned out to be a mixed bag in terms of its benefits to wealthy clients, according to a panel of tax specialists. The reform package’s rule regarding the repatriation of overseas cash could benefit investors by leading to rising dividends and stock buybacks, they said. But high-net-worth individuals are increasingly concerned about…

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NY AIR Announces 2018 Leadership

The New York Alternative Investment Roundtable today announced that it has chosen its leadership for 2018. Following is a complete list of the NY-AIR’s Board of Directors, officers and Management Committee members. The new Management Committee, along with the NYAIR’s Board of Directors, will work to foster the organization’s efforts to promote awareness of the…

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Alternative Investment Industry Believes U.S. is Diminishing its Global Influence

Partisanship aside, if there is one thing everyone can agree on it is the fact that the Trump administration has had a visible impact on foreign relations. The President has charted a very different course than most of his predecessors. Given the importance of foreign affairs, the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable recently conducted a…

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New York Hedge Fund Roundtable changes name

Opalesque Industry Update – The New York Hedge Fund Roundtable announced today that it is changing its name to the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable. The name change is part of an effort to more accurately represent the organization’s focus on promoting ethics and best practices within the entire universe of alternative investments, not just…

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