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New York Hedge Fund Roundtable in the News

Hedge Funds Smell An Opportunity As Peer To Peer Lending Rises

P2P - Hedge Funds Smell An Opportunity As Peer To Peer Lending Rises

Peer-to-peer lending is rightly portrayed as a significant disruptor of the financial services club. The peer-to-peer lenders have grown rapidly since the middle of the last decade as more traditional sources of funds — the banks — were forced by circumstances and regulation to tighten their lending requirements. Read More

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Hedge Fund Industry Thinks Insider Trading Will Continue as Long as Significant Money Flows into the Industry

February, 2016 –The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2009 arrest of Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam for insider trading and his conviction shortly thereafter sent shockwaves through the alternative investment industry. And subsequent investigations into high profile firms from Diamondback Capital Management to SAC Capital Markets have made it clear that the FBI and other regulators…

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Hedge Fund Industry Thinks More Modest Returns Will Become Commonplace

December, 2015 –The 2008 credit crisis may not have slowed the influx of capital into the hedge fund industry, but it did change the way institutional investors look at the individual funds they invest in. Just as regulators have heightened their oversight of the hedge fund industry, institutions have stepped up the due diligence they…

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Hedge Fund Industry Thinks Investors Will Force Greater Sustainability Efforts

December, 2015 –With regulators around the world paying closer attention to individual companies’ impact on everything from the environment to global markets, and with 72% of the companies within the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index now reporting on their sustainability efforts, there can be no denying that sustainability reporting is an issue that is unlikely…

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Hedge Fund Industry Predicts Shorting Opportunities in Fast Food & Wholesale Retail Arenas if Federal Minimum Wage Increases

August, 2015 – With the issue of income inequality in America having moved to the forefront of political discussions and economic predictions, The New York Hedge Fund Roundtable recently surveyed its members on the topic. Roundtable members believe that greater income equality in America could be attainable under the right conditions. But in the short…

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