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Opportunity Zones: Understanding Structuring Issues for Multifamily Investments

As the Opportunity Zone (OZ) program continues to gain momentum, multifamily seems to be taking the lead in popularity for investment. Are you ready to take advantage? In this recording of our recent webinar, our presenters take a deep dive into the practical structuring issues that need to be addressed as you consider offering an OZ investment…

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European Commission Releases Report on U.S.-EU Privacy Shield

On Dec. 19, 2018, the European Commission published the results of its annual review of the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield Framework. While the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield still meets the adequacy requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the U.S. must take swift steps to make additional improvements to Privacy Shield, such as appointing a permanent…

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The LP Blueprint 2018 -Insights on Alternative Investments

Marianne Scordel of Bougeville Consulting, who moderated “Brexit Impact on Alternative Managers: Views from Europe and the U.S.,” the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable’s joint event with CAIA in October 2018, has shared the following paper: “The LP Blueprint 2018 -Insights on Alternative Investments. The paper highlights the key results of a recent survey on…

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The Real Reason Tech Struggles With Algorithmic Bias

Are Machines Racist? Are algorithms and artificial intelligence inherently prejudiced? Do Facebook, Google, and Twitter have political biases? Those answers are complicated. But if the question is whether the tech industry doing enough to address these biases, the straightforward response is no. Yaël Eisenstat is a former CIA officer, National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden, and…

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Total Return Swaps & How Investors Can Use Them to Boost Returns

On January 29, 2019 John Dukich, founder and president of Ferential Systems, gave a presentation on the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable’s monthly call on total return swaps -some of the ways that investors are using them to boost returns, the processing requirements and some of the issues investors face when using them. The PowerPoint…

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Cryptocurrency: Compliance Challenges & IRS Enforcement 

Cryptocurrency, or virtual currency, is now a significant player in the investment marketplace, and, as a result, many challenging legal and regulatory questions have been raised across the globe. While cryptocurrency and its utilized technologies could radically change business processes, its inherently decentralized nature could serve as a vehicle for sinister activity and a challenge…

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