About the Roundtable

The Roundtable is a non-profit organization committed to promoting education and best practices in the alternative investment industry. Our membership is comprised of investors, investment managers and other industry professionals who meet regularly to share insights and connect with like-minded colleagues. We host events featuring a wide range of thought-provoking speakers, which provide our members the opportunity to garner useful information and exchange ideas. Our goal is to create a forum for thought leadership where professionals can enhance their skills and network with others committed to advancing the industry along the highest ethical standards.

Originally founded as the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable in 1999 the New York Alternative Investment Industry is a non-profit organization focused on providing a forum for thought leadership, where industry professionals have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills and to network with other individuals committed to advancing the industry with the highest ethical standards. In addition to industry topics, the Roundtable highlights a different New York City area charity or philanthropy regularly to expose members to organizations they may be interested in becoming involved with or supporting monetarily. The Roundtable's membership consists of investors, fund managers, analysts and other industry professionals who regularly meet to discuss current issues within the industry and to connect with peers.

Upcoming Events

Feb 11

Board of Directors

NYHFR stanley goldstein - Stanley Goldstein
Stanley Goldstein
Chairman Emeritus
NYHFR timothy selby v2 - Tim Selby
Tim Selby
Alessandra v1 - Alessandra Tocco
Alessandra Tocco
NYHFR adam weinstein - Adam B. Weinstein
Adam B. Weinstein
NYHFR jason jones - Jason M. Jones
Jason M. Jones
NYHFR timothy sledge - Timothy G. Sledge
Timothy G. Sledge
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Lisa RoitmanIMG 3722 3 v1 - Lisa L. Roitman
Lisa L. Roitman

Management Committee

NYHFR basile john - John Basile
John Basile
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NYHFR Robert Akeson - Robert Akeson
Robert Akeson
Education/Best Practices Committee Chair
NYHFR kunjan mehta - Kunjan R. Mehta
Kunjan R. Mehta
Vice President,Treasurer
NYHFR b j bellock - B.J. Bellock
B.J. Bellock
Monthly Forum Committee Chair
NYHFR pierre dupont - Pierre DuPont
Pierre DuPont
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NYHFR gabrialle guttman - Gabrielle Guttman
Gabrielle Guttman
Philanthropy Committee
NYHFR michael medvinsky - Michael Medvinsky
Michael Medvinsky
NYHFR peter suhr - Peter Suhr
Peter Suhr
NYHFR britt tunick - Britt Erica Tunick
Britt Erica Tunick
Director of Operations
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Ashish 1 - Ashish K. Rout
Ashish K. Rout
NYHFR bob stearns v2 - Bob Stearns
Bob Stearns
NYHFR marc schneider v1 - Marc Schneider
Marc Schneider
NYHFR mithra warrier v1 - Mithra Warrier
Mithra Warrier
NYHFR lawrence bartimer v1 - Larry Bartimer
Larry Bartimer
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Patrick Hannon
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Lance Klima
NYHFR daniel fischer - Daniel J. Fischer
Daniel J. Fischer
Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Foreign Exchange Sales at Cantor Fitzgerald & Co